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Will meditating make you a genius?


Will meditating make me a genius?

How quickly do meditations pay off?

Will meditating assist me to overcome my Dyslexia?…

… Are all great questions we encounter here at Dyslexic Brian. Well admittedly, we haven’t come across the first question as much, though it is a fantastic question that got me thinking! In this post I will briefly do my best to provide the information to answer all of the above. (If you are reading this and you do not see yourself as dyslexic, then please do carry on reading as this could still apply to you.)

Just 11 hours of meditation in total can increase your thought pattern regulation. Photo Source:

The brain is often analysed as having two areas. Grey areas and white areas. The grey areas refer to where the cell bodies of neurons reside and the white areas refer to the parts in which signals are being transmitted.

Results from a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that after just 11 hours of meditation training, there were significant changes in the white areas that connect the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). Find out more.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, the more ‘white area’ activity going on in our brain, the easier we find it to regulate our thoughts and perform at our best.


Can meditating help you become a genius? Photo Source:

Now, you may have heard the claim that spending 10,000 hours of  time on something will make you a genius at that particular subject? I have always been intrigued by this which has led me down many roads of questioning. One being this – Is it important for us to consider the quality of the 10,000 hours spent. For example, is spending 10,000 hours on something as effective if we are distracted and our minds are elsewhere? Logic would tell us that if we are ‘in the zone’ so to speak then we can achieve much more within these 10,000 hours than if we were not in the zone. So, does this mean that spending 10,000 hours at peak performance will make us double-geniuses? Or does this mean that if we are just not focused enough, then we will never reach our goals and ultimately never be crowned as or even feel close to becoming a genius?

My question to you at this point is…

Have you ever been in a position where you have felt that no amount of time or effort is leading you anywhere? Sometimes it is important to ask ourselves if we are actually ‘in the zone’ enough.

Which path would you rather take? 10,000 hours out of the zone or 10,000 hours in the zone?
This may seem like an obvious question though have you ever (I know I have many times) been in a position in life where you have felt that no amount of time or effort is leading you anywhere? Sometimes it is important to ask ourselves if we are actually ‘in the zone’ enough.  

So for those who perceive themselves as dyslexic: in terms of whether or not meditation will help you overcome your dyslexia, I think it can be a key ingredient in the process with the level of importance variable on how well you can get your mind ‘in the zone’ on an average day. If you believe you already are able to get focused pretty well, then imagine being even more focused than that! Research would tell you that by meditating, you can indeed increase activity in the ‘white area’ of your brain further, hence regulating your thought patterns even further!

So to conclude… Can meditating help you overcome your Dyslexia and put you on the right path to becoming the genius you know you can be? Yes  it can be a very beneficial ingredient. How long will it take before you start to feel the benefits of meditation? According to research your thought pattern should become more efficient after just 11 hours of meditation (please note that this doesn’t mean 11 hours non-stop! 1 hour a day for 11 days would be more ideal.)   

Have you done your 11 hours of meditation yet?

So have you done your 11 hours of meditation yet?

Do you feel more focused?

Do you feel like you are moving towards your goal faster and with more precision?

We would love to hear how you are getting on! Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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