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This month I reviewed the book Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer

Smitten or Bitten by Vampire Stories?

Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga

Have you ever read a vampire book before, expecting to be cast into a fantasy world of spell binding excitement – only to find it hasn’t exactly met your expectations?

Well, don’t let your past experience put you off!

This is a brilliantly written book that I’m sure will met your ever expectation. It’s a story full of mystical and make-believe creatures that come to life in your mind to scare you out of your wits!! Only joking some of them are quite cute actually.

Twilight is a whole new world of fantasy blended with the classic boy meets girl novel but with a twist. I won’t tell you what the twist is or I’ll spoil the intrigue.

A world were people aren’t what they seem – a world where there’s more to be discovered than meets the eye. Twilight is a gripping and captivating adventure, through and through!

It’s well worth reading and I would rate it as one of the best books I’ve read in this genre

WARNING: Don’t Read Past This Point unless You Want to Know the Story!!!

Twilight is the first book in the saga written by Stephenie Meyer. Written from the perspective of seventeen year old, Bella Swann. Bella, who moves from Sunny Phoenix to a small, showery town named Folks, Washington to live with her dad, soon becomes involved in something beyond her belief. She finds herself deeply attracted to a mysterious boy, later known as Edward Cullen. His inhumane Striking Looks, Pale, cold skin and unbelievable strength causes Bella to become highly inquisitive and she begins to speculate over the identity of Edward. She soon finds out that 17 year old Edward is in fact a vampire and has been one for 109 years! This made me smile when I read it – he must be the oldest 17 year old in town!!

Poor old/young Edward had suffered Spanish influenza and on his death bed was saved by Doctor Carlisle Cullen who made a decision to turn him into a vampire along with many others who were in the same situation. Edward along with all those saved from death make up the “Vegetarian” Cullen family who have, believe it or not, chosen to survive on animal blood only – strange behavior for blood thirsty vampires hey? Well its true – the first of their kind – Veggie Vampires!

Throughout the book you see the struggles and complications Bella and Edward face in their relationship. Not far into the book you see a close bond form between Bella and Edward. However, when the story later develops and everything becomes clear to Bella about who Edward really is things take a turn for the worse. When the rival vampire gang heads into town and one of the locals is killed, it’s not long before they discover someone else to try and get their teeth into him. They come across the Cullen’s who are enjoying a very agile game of base ball when they realize there is a human among them….Bella. Having the rival vampires chasing after Bella, leaves the relationship between Bella and Edwards even more tense than it was before. The romance between them suddenly turns into a desperate struggle to stay alive. At this point of the story Edward feels guilty and blames himself for having put Bella in so much danger. It seems impossible for them to be happy but they are unwilling to give up. Will they ever be able to work this doomed romance out?

Twilight is a relatively easy book to read and the story line was simple to grasp as it’s written in a way that it is incredibly easy to follow and to understand what’s going on. I am happy to recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book with unexpected twists and turns. Twilight is a book so full of dramatic cliffhangers that will keep you up all night. Oh, and if you like a book with a good ending, then this one is defiantly for you as the story ends with such an unexpected climax.

Twilight is a book you really won’t want to put down!!!

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