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Square Pegs in Round Holes | School Days

Shane Waugh have written a few poems that reflects some of the experiences of his dyslexia and some about his life in general. He’s asked Dyslexic Brian to publish his poems as he hopes they will be of some value to other dyslexic people. Here is the first of 12 poems that Shane has kindly shared with us. Share

The Dyslexic Poet | Square Pegs in Round Holes” by Shane Waugh

Poem 1: School Days

Off to school they would say, I remember thinking, yet another sad unhappy and lonely day. You must learn to read and write, I remember thinking; the words are out of sight. You are not trying the teacher would state, I remember thinking; you really haven’t got a clue mate. GCSE’s are not for you, I remember thinking what am I, supposed to do. Lazy and lack of effort was the teachers’ cry, you will make an employer cringe and sigh; I remember thinking I wonder why. Blurred words and confusion, French lessons was nothing but a distant illusion. Extra English was always needed; this made you feel weird and un-conceded. Visual learner, auditory too, I did not have a clue. No qualifications, just unhappy and sad memories. What was that all about, this was my subconscious shout, as school was once and for all, finally out.

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