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Session 2 (About)

session 2 inspire

Session 2: What do we mean by ‘Increasing Confidence and Self-esteem’?

What does this session include?

session 2 warm upWarm Up Game/Brain Exercise

In this exercise, you will be presented with slides containing colourful words, and the aim  is to say the colour of the word, not the word itself. Are you up for the challenge?  This exercise is one sure way to put you in an alert state, so that you are ready to engage in and get the most out of the rest of the session.


session 2 talkCoaching Section

In this section, Antonio answers many important questions about ‘Confidence & Self-Esteem’ that will assist you to understand why your confidence & self-esteem is important and why it is a featured element throughtout the Dyslexia Self-Development Programme.



session 2 exerciseExercises

This exercise will assist you to describe how you perceive high levels of confidence & self-esteem in others.





session 2 relaxRelaxation Section

In this part of the session, Antonio will build on the foundations set in session 1 and introduce a basic visualisation technique that will help you release some negative tension surrounding dyslexia and other stress related issues. Quite simply, we don’t want this tension, and it may be holding many of us back in life.





session 2 inspireInspirational Story

Here is an eye opening experiment involving fleas and a jar, and how we can relate to it’s results.

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