Video Based Dyslexia Self-Development Programme Assisting You to Understand & Overcome Dyslexia

Session 1 (About)


Session 1: What do we mean by ‘Perception of Dyslexia’?

What does this session include?

session1 warm up game for dyslexia Warm Up Game/Brain Exercise

All the sessions in the Dyslexia Self-Developmednt Programme start with a fun brain exercise. Why? All of our brain exercises are designed to help you switch on your thinking and put you in an alert state, so that you are ready to engage in and get the most out of the session.



session 1 coaching talk for dyslexiaCoaching Section

In this section, Antonio answers many important questions about ‘Perception of Dyslexia’ that will assist you to understand why your perception of dyslexia is important and why it is a featured element throughtout the Dyslexia Self-Development Programme.



session 1 exercise for dyslexia 2Exercises

The exercise in this session is a simple multiple choice exercise relating to Antonio’s talk on ‘What we mean perception of dyslexia’. The exercises in the Dyslexia Self-Development Programme are geared torwards helping you explore and eveluate your own dyslexia.


session 1 relaxation for dyslexiaRelaxation Section

In this part of the session, Antonio will take you though the foundations of the programmes powerful relaxation/visulisation techniques.




session 1 inspirational story for dyslexiaInspirational Story

Every session in the Dylsexia Self-Development Programme will end with an inspirational story showcasing how many others have overcome obstacles in order to reach their goals.



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