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Dyslexia Workshop Makes a Big Splash!

Despite the heavy rain on Saturday 14th November 2009, four parents and three children turned up to Dyslexic Brian’s Parent as Dyslexia Support Coach Workshop.


Caitlin View of Dyslexia

Caitlin's Perception of Dyslexia

The workshop got off to a bit of a late start due to the rain having caused a build up of traffic in Bristol city centre. Whilst the parents dried off and enjoyed a cup of warm tea the children explored the workshop space – discovered an old trap door, practiced their boxing skills on a couple of punch bags that we have hanging up, and then let loose on a drum kit, which I’m sure could be heard for miles! Goga took photo’s of the children posing on the drum kit and will email these of to them so that the can remember their time at Dyslexic Brian’s office.

The workshop started with Antonio Farruggia giving an overview of the Parent as Dyslexia Support Coach Programme and also a description of the day’s workshop. Then he explained a bit about his past and how he had struggled all of his life with dyslexia until he overcame it when he was 38 years old.

Harry's View of Dyslexia

Harry's Perception of Dyslexia

Everyone in the group, including the children, then sketched out their perception of dyslexia – these were shared with the group followed by a very interesting discussion where everyone elaborated further on they way they see dyslexia.

Antonio then shared with us his theory of dyslexia that he arrived at during his ten years of PhD research on the subject of dyslexia. His theory of dyslexia went down well with the group and it seemed to make sense to everyone. However, there were concerns at first that his theory, although being good to assist people to develop a positive mental attitude towards their dyslexia, may leave them falling a bit short when it come to developing practical skill such as reading and writing. To address this Antonio shared a few techniques with the group that are aimed at helping children to develop their writing skills.

Tiny's View of Dyslexia

Tiny's Perception of Dyslexia

The workshop ended with the children presenting Antonio with the pictures that they had draw to explain what dyslexia is and how it affects them.

The children have asked if they can come back as they enjoyed themselves and had fun – so we are now planning to run a follow up workshop in December for this group.

Click here for inforation about the different types of workshop that we run.

DyslexicBrian's yslexic Brian’s Parent as Dyslexia Support Coach Workshop photoset DyslexicBrian’s yslexic Brian’s Parent as Dyslexia Support Coach Workshop photoset

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