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Dyslexia Through An Artists Eye – Lerato Motau Inspirational Story

I never tire of reading inspirational dyslexia life stories – they touch a place within me that makes me feel proud to be ‘dyslexic’.

The following story about the brilliant South African Artist, Lerato Motau, is a great example of a ‘dyslexic’ person using their preferred medium of self-expression to externalise the richness of their inner world.

Dyslexic Brian would like to wish Lerato Motau all the best with the exhibition – we are sure that it will be a massive success.

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Dyslexia Through An Artists Eye

Lerato Motau

Lerato Motau

As a young girl in Soweto, South Africa, Lerato Motau dreamt of becoming a fashion designer when she grew up and made dolls clothes and shoes from cardboard boxes and plastic packets. Her creativity hid a deep inner pain.

Throughout her primary school years, Lerato struggled to read and write, and was considered a ‘slow learner’. During the apartheid years, many children with learning disabilities who lived in the townships never received remedial education. At the age of 14, Lerato was finally taken for an assessment and discovered that she was dyslexic. By that time however, it was too late to enroll her in a remedial school.

She hid her dyslexia from others by drawing and doodling instead of writing. It was her secret that she never shared… until now. Lerato has bravely drawn on her life’s journey and is embracing her true self.

Lerato’s Exhibition

Lerato’s Exhibition

She has created a body of artwork that reveals her story of overcoming dyslexia by expressing herself through the visual arts, culminating in this exhibition entitled, Dyslexia Through An Artists Eye. Lerato has developed her own unique multi-media technique fiber art. Circles represent the wholeness of her life, symbolic of the full circle she has journeyed, finally finding closure to all the jumbled letters, numbers and words she cannot juggle. She is celebrating the courageous, joy-filled woman she is.

Lerato dedicates this exhibition to her two daughters. They inspired her to face her dyslexia as she did not want them to experience the same struggle she had, feeling inadequate and not coping. This is Lerato’s first solo exhibition.

Lerato’s Exhibition

Lerato’s Exhibition

She is proud to reveal that she is touched by dyslexia but does not intend living her life under the label, dyslexic.

Story written by Stacey Rozen of
Dyslexia Through An Artists Eye Lerato Motau – Solo Exhibition

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