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Colourful Dyslexic’s In a black & white world by Grace Shimwell

Grace Shimwell

This dyslexia story and poem was sent to us by Grace Shimwell. We really like how Grace overcame obstacles in her life relating to dyslexia. We hope you will enjoy reading Grace’s poem as much as we did. Please let us know what you think about Grace’s poem by posting a comment below. ~ DyslexicBrian

At school I found English teachers, didn’t see my creativity – and put too much on way I should write. Spelling, grammar (not easy being from Yorkshire)

I honestly didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.  I couldn’t hear the sounds of the words (managed to learn Greek) I really feel that knock my confidence, I feared spelling test, reading out loud – basically English teachers enjoyed watching us squirm.  My saving grace, was maths – I could shine in this lesson.

Anyway, I discovered my dyslexia was  a “Gift” I see in pictures, colours, my mind plays memories, similar to watching a movie back! How’s  that for entrainment. Just need Dolby surround fitted in my ears, and I am sorted…

Anyway here is my poem:

“Colourful Dyslexic’s In a black & white world”

Inside your brain, it’s a magical place,
Pictures, images, spin around,
Welcome to Disney Land,
Vivid colours, lucid dreams,
Creative thoughts,
Dash from ear to ear,

Just come inside, play for a day,
I promise you all, you’d want to stay,
Alice in Wonderland, pretty lifeless,
I am no Mad Hatter, I love,
Cupcakes and crooked teapots,

When  we open our mouths,
Words no longer sing,
They get confused,
And make little sense,
Spelling, laughs in our face,
Come on, can’t you write,
Your name in this space?

Reading out a loud,
Words disappear from the page,
Mindless & ignorance, call us,
THICK??? Ha, ha, Dyslexia little trick,
We’re too bright, your blinded,
By rules, you’ve learnt at school,

Dyslexia, makes the world,
A colourful place,
It brings ideas, inspiration,
To the human race,

Albert Einstein, Richard Branson
Walt Disney, Pablo and Tom Cruise
Genius, entrainment, artistic, high flying,
Words cannot describe,
The way you have enchanted the world,

Our gift is gold dust,
Let us sprinkle our magic,
We can help any business fly,
We’ll bring ideas alive,
Stars in the night sky,
Dyslexic and proud,

~ Grace Shimwell

Please let us know what you think about Grace’s poem by posting a comment below.

'Colourful Dyslexic’s In a black & white world by Grace Shimwell' have 2 comments

  1. March 22, 2011 @ 3:15 am Ryan

    I express my gift of dyslexia through music. I don’t read the words… But I read and follow along by listening and watching. And now I’m currently in the Indianapolis Children’s Choir singing and growing at a rapid rate


  2. November 6, 2010 @ 3:28 pm ODDS mom

    My 16 year old son is dyslexic and he loves art.. really into ceramics right now. I think the arts provide such an amazing outlet for the dyslexic student; there is no wrong or right answer just your own unique, creative expression. Fantastic poem. I’m going to share it on our site too!


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