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Brain Games for Dyslexia – do they work?


Say the fruit you see, not the word you read. (Brain Exercise/Game 11 taken from Dyslexic Brian’s Dyslexic Brain Exercises – Complete Video-Based Package.

Here at Dyslexic Brian, our team have put together a downloadable brain exercise video package containing 12 fun video-based brain games specifically geared towards helping people of all ages who perceive themselves as dyslexic to get their thinking in gear and improve cognitive skills. This package can be downloaded directly from our on-line store. I have decided to write this post to briefly highlight how those who perceive themselves as dyslexic can benefit from Brain Games.

There have been many claims that brain games can help with long-term cognitive health and ward off ageing conditions such as dementia, and overall keep our memory in tick-tock shape. In recent years the Brain Game craze has certainly grabbed peoples attention with sites like Lumosity accumulating over 50 million subscribers, though services like these have been the topic of hot debate with researchers suggesting that they are bogus 
and many neuroscientists speaking out against brain game hype, claiming that it is wasted time better spent elsewhere and slamming claims that Brain Games improve long-term brain health as backed by no real sufficient evidence. 

So what are Brain Games good for?

It’s not all bad news for Brain Game enthusiasts out there! Although research into the long term benefits are inconclusive, it looks a lot more promising regarding short term benefits. A study published in 2009 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, suggests that brain processing speed improved by 58% in cognitively normal older adults upon partaking in various Brain Games. It is also fairly possible that this percentage may be higher in younger adults and children. 48% also reported feelings such as greater self-confidence.  We have always encouraged our clients of all ages to start a studying session with a quick Brain Game or two. Why? It’s simple… to warm up their thinking and get them in the mood for the studying session ahead. It is always fantastic to see how quickly someone can go from feeling demotivated and drained to suddenly generating so much enthusiasm, positivity and self-belief as if to say “Hey, I am ready, bring it on” all thanks to a few minutes of simple and fun brain exercises. So, for this, Brain Games… we salute you!

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