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Become a Black Belt in Dyslexia – Dyslexia Dojo Video (4 of 4)

In this video Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak explains the importance of creating the right environment for yourself so that you can focus on your dyslexia within the ‘How to Become a Black Belt in Dyslexia’ programme.Share

(NB. If you have landed on this page and have not yet watched the second video (Disclaimer video) then please watch it now before going any further as you need to decided if you are psychologically strong enough to undertake this programme).

Dyslexia Dojo

It’s always good to have somewhere that you can get away from the rest of the world and focus on yourself and your dyslexia development. You can set up a Dyslexia Dojo in a corner of your bedroom, in the living room, or even in the conservatory, it really doesn’t matter where. It’s good to have somewhere that you can keep all of your dyslexia related things such as your books on dyslexia, self-development CDs, and, dyslexia notebook and journal (these are covered within future videos).

In this video Antonio gives you an example of a Dyslexia Dojo that he created for himself many years ago and still uses today to write about dyslexia, read books on dyslexia and also to deliver the Dyslexia Coaching for Dyslexic Brian.

Once you’ve set up your Dyslexia Dojo it’s time to begin watching the videos within the Dyslexia Dojo beginning with the White Belt video.

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PS. if you know anyone who might benefit from this video would you please forward a link to this page to them – thanks in advance.

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  1. February 8, 2011 @ 3:13 am Melanie Barnes

    Hi Brian

    I would like to view the green,brown, yellow, etc. videos, but when I click on these videos, it says, try back
    later, when will these videos become available for viewing.

    Thank you


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