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Parents of Dyslexics

Would you like to develop your understanding of dyslexia so that you can increase your child’s potential to overcome their dyslexia?

If ‘Yes’, then we are happy to offer you a FREE One-2-One Dyslexia Coaching session to help you achieve this.

Support your child to overcome their dyslexia

Support your child to overcome their dyslexia

What will my FREE session cover?

During your free session, Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak (our Dyslexia Coach) will introduce himself to you and tell you a bit about his personal experience of dyslexia and also a bit about his professional experience as a Dyslexia Coach.

Antonio will then ask you to tell him a bit about your ‘dyslexic’ son or daughter so that he can find out how dyslexia is affecting their life. He will also need to find out how you are currently supporting your son or daughter. In addition, Antonio will ask you to describe some of your views about dyslexia – for example, what you think dyslexia is, what causes it, and whether or not you think that dyslexia is something that can be overcome completely.

Once Antonio has gained a clear picture of your views about dyslexia and how dyslexia affects the life of your son or daughter he will assist you to come up with a few creative ways for you help them lessen the impact of their dyslexia.

What will further sessions cover?

Within further session Antonio will assist you to:

  • increase and develop your understanding of dyslexia
  • understand his Empowerment Model of Dyslexia (that he developed as part of his PhD studies)
  • use his model of dyslexia to make sense of the issues being experienced by your son or daughter
  • learn and develop a number of techniques that you can use to assist your son or daughter to quickly improve their literacy skills
  • learn how to safely guide your son or daughter through the process of reconceptualising their perception of dyslexia based on the Empowerment Model of Dyslexia
  • learn some basic Dyslexia Coach skills so that you can support your son or daughter over the time it will take them to completely overcome their dyslexia

At the beginning of each session Antonio will give you an overview of what is going to be covered within the session.

On this coaching programme you will have to do some homework in between sessions – Antonio will help you to design the homework so that it suits your preferred learning style.

Is this programme intense?

This is a very intense and challenging programme that will stretch your thinking about dyslexia to the limit. Because of this Antonio will coach you through this programme at a pace that he feels you will be able to handle.

How many sessions will I need?

As you can see from the list above there are lots of areas to cover within this coaching programme – so, it may take you anywhere from between 12 to 24 sessions depending on the level of understanding you have of dyslexia before entering the programme, the speed that you are able to learn, as well as the level of understanding and expertise that you want to reach.

How much does this programme cost?

The cost of further session depends on how many sessions you book in one go – please see table below for a breakdown of costs:

Cost for additional

1hr session

Cost for block of 4

1hr sessions

Cost for block of 8

1hr sessions

Cost for block of 12

1hr sessions

£80 per session £280

(£70 per session)


(£60 per session)


(£50 per session)

$120* per session $420*

($105* per session)


($90* per session)


($77* per session)

* Prices based on Pounds Sterling (i.e. GBP) therefore the Dollar (USD) rate will be recalculated at the time of booking sessions to reflect the exchange rate.

What should I do if I can’t afford the full cost?

If you genuinely can’t afford our costs but would really like to be coached though this programme then let us know and we will negotiate a special rate for you.

How can I book my FREE Dyslexia Coaching session?

You can book your free session by giving us a call or by sending us an email. If you send an email then please write ‘Dyslexia Coaching’ in the subject heading so that we can easily spot it amongst all of the other emails we receive each day.

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