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Would you like to improve your study skills whilst learning how to become your own Study Coach so that you can coach yourself to achieve the academic success you feel you deserve?

If ‘Yes’, then we are happy to offer you a FREE One-2-One Dyslexia Coaching session to help you begin to achieve this.

Coach yourself to achieve the academic success you feel you deserve

Achieve the academic success you feel you deserve

What will my FREE session cover?

During your free session, Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak (our Dyslexia Coach) will introduce himself to you and tell you a bit about the service we offer to ‘none-dyslexic’ students.

Antonio will then ask you to tell him a bit about yourself and the sort of things that you think you would like to become better at doing. For example, you might feel that you would benefit from learning how to structure your essays more effectively, read at a much faster speed, or become really good at taking exams.

Antonio will also ask you a few questions to find out some of your views about how people learn so that he can begin to build up a picture of the way you might be looking at the things you want to become better at doing.

Antonio will then tell you a bit about the educational techniques that he developed as part of his PhD studies as well as his coaching experience. He will also let you know if he feels the coaching we offer is appropriate to assist you to achieve the outcomes you want to achieve.

Towards the end of the session Antonio will assist you to come up with a few creative ways for you quickly begin improving your skills. This means that you will have really got something out of your free session.

What will further sessions cover?

Within further session Antonio will assist you to:

  • increase and develop your understanding of the way you learn
  • learn a number of techniques that you can use to quickly improve your literacy and study skills ability
  • identify any blocks to learning that may exist within your psychological processes
  • become more creative and innovative
  • learn how to become your own Study Coach so that you can coach yourself to further develop existing skills or to become more effective at learn new skills in the future
  • formulate a plan of action that you can follow to keep you on track and help you to reach the goals you will have set yourself

As you can see, there’s lot’s to cover within this programme but don’t worry as Antonio will give you an overview of what will be going on at the beginning of each session.

Will there be any homework?

On this programme you will have to do some homework in between sessions – Antonio will help you to design the homework so that it suits your preferred learning style. He will also make suggestions on how you might be able to practice your new skills on your current homework so that you don’t have to do even more homework than you already are.

Is this programme intense?

The programme is not that intense but you may find it to be quite challenging that will stretch your thinking about the way you learn, encourage you to explore new ways of looking at your how you learn, and motivate you to keep on improving your study skills and abilities.

How many sessions will I need?

As you can see from the list above there is quite a bit to cover within this coaching programme – so, it may take you anywhere between 4 and 12 sessions depending on:

  • how you are currently conceptualising your ability to learn
  • the number of things that you want to becoming better at doing
  • how quickly you can take onboard new ideas and concepts
  • how motivated you are to develop your study skills ability
  • how much time you devote to improving your skills in between sessions

How much does this programme cost?

The cost of further session depends on how many sessions you book in one go – please see table below for a breakdown of costs:

Cost for additional

1hr session

Cost for block of 4

1hr sessions

Cost for block of 8

1hr sessions

Cost for block of 12

1hr sessions

£80 per session £280

(£70 per session)


(£60 per session)


(£50 per session)

$120* per session $420*

($105* per session)


($90* per session)


($77* per session)

* Prices based on Pounds Sterling (i.e. GBP) therefore the Dollar (USD) rate will be recalculated at the time of booking sessions to reflect the exchange rate.

How can I book my FREE Dyslexia Coaching session?

You can book your free session by giving us a call or by sending us an email. If you send an email then please write ‘Dyslexia Coaching’ in the subject heading so that we can easily spot it amongst all of the other emails we receive each day.

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