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FREE Session

In accordance with our Inclusion and Access to Support Policy we are happy to offer all of our potential clients a FREE Dyslexia Coaching session.

We do this because we believe you have the right to be able to evaluate if the coaching we offer is what you are looking for without it costing you a single penny.

What happens during the FREE session?

There are lots of things that will be happening during the FREE session but this very much depends on which type of Dyslexia Coaching you are interested in. Click on the appropriate heading to find out what typically happens within the session you are interested in:

– ‘Dyslexic Children’

– Parent of ‘Dyslexics’

– ‘Dyslexic Adults’

– ‘Dyslexic students’

– ‘None-dyslexics’

– Professionals

What happens after the FREE session?

Following your free session you can decide if you want to book further Dyslexia Coaching sessions – there is no pressure put on you to book more sessions.

What will further sessions cost me?

The cost of further session depends on how many you book in one go – please see table below for a breakdown of costs:

Cost for additional
1hr session
Cost for block of
4 1hr sessions
Cost for block of
8 1hr sessions
Cost for block of
12 1hr sessions
£80 per session £280 (£70 per session) £480 (£60 per session) £600 (£50 per session)

Click there for Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book my FREE Dyslexia Coaching session?

You can book your free session by giving us a call or by sending us an email. If you send an email then please write ‘Dyslexia Coaching’ in the subject heading so that we can easily spot it amongst all of the other emails we receive each day.

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