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Dyslexic Brian

Dyslexic Brian is an independent Dyslexia Coaching Service that was founded in October 2009 by Goga and Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak.

Dyslexic Brian was created as a way of sharing the knowledge that Antonio had gained from his doctoral research on dyslexia, from his personal experience of overcoming severe dyslexia, and from his coaching experience that spans over 25 years – 12 of which as a Dyslexia Coach.




Dyslexic Brian’s Service

This  site has been created so that you can, no matter where you live, benefit from our understanding and knowledge of dyslexia, from our proven approach to Dyslexia Coaching, and from our Dyslexia Self-Development Programme which has to date positively changed the lives of countless people worldwide.


Our Video Products:

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