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Our Dyslexia Video Products

We have developed a number of dyslexia video based product which are ideal if you are struggling to understand and overcome your dyslexia. All of our products have been developed by our highly experienced team of Dyslexia Coaches who have firsthand experience of having at some point in their lives struggled with reading, writing, memory…


Dyslexia Self-Development Programme

What is the Dyslexia Self-Development Programme? The Dyslexia Self-Development Programme is a video based programme that will assist you to… 1) Change your Perception of Dyslexia, 2) Increase your Confidence and Self-esteem, and, 3) Improve your Reading and Writing Skills.   The first element of the programme focuses on assisting you to change your Perception…


Dyslexic Brain Exercises

These Dyslexic Brain Exercises (taken from the Dyslexia Self-Development Programme) are an ideal way to get your thinking in gear, improve memory, enhance mental fitness and boost coordination. Better yet anybody can enjoy them,  from small children to adults struggling with dyslexia. Each video lasts approximately between 2 – 3 minutes in duration and can be…

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