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4,000 Children Caught Cheating in exams – Immoral or Ingenious?

Today’s educational headlines have focused on the 4,000 children who got caught ‘cheating’ in their exams.

The majority of these children were apparently caught using their mobile phones to download answers to their exam questions.

I was so shocked when I heard this – not because I think these children were wrong – quite the opposite, I think they should all be praised and given an award for their ingenuity.

Isn’t it a bit peculiar how, in the twenty-first century, schools test children on the amount of information they can hold in their heads and then regurgitate on demand – when with a couple of click of on their phones all this information is available to them!

Is the iPad Good or Bad for Dyslexic Children?

Will the new iPad help our hinder dyslexic children to improve their literacy skills?

This is a good question – a bit of a tricky one to answer – but a good one nevertheless.

At Dyslexic Brian we love any resource that encourages dyslexic children to develop their literacy skills whilst having fun – and we feel that the iPad will do this job nicely.

A great feature on the iPad is its onscreen keypad that looks so, so, sooooo touchable – who wouldn’t want to tap away all day on those sexy looking keys?!

We are going to check out if any touch typing tutorial type applications are available for the iPad – we’re guessing that there are – in which case if you’re dyslexic and lucky enough to have an iPad already, then download a touch typing Application and start learning to touch type in style!

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