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From car mechanic to teacher | Dyslexic Inspirational Story

Birmingham Evening Mail published on August 18th 2005

“TEACHING has changed so much over the years,” are the opening words from Paul Reid, a 39 year old from Perry Barr, when you ask him what he thinks of his new career.

“I really struggled when I was at school. It was differrent back then and admitting you had a problem understanding something wasn’t easy.'”

Paul was a car mechanic for 15 years before suffering from arthiritis and decided to change career.

“I loved mechanics so much that I decided that I wanted to teach others how to do it,” he explained.

Paul enrolled on a City and Guilds Further Education Teaching Course at Josiah Mason College in order to acquire the necessary skills and gain a teaching qualification.

Paul decided to go all the way and since completing his course he has progressed on to a Certificate in Education, a university qualification delivered at JMC in partnership with University College Worcester, which will make him a fully qualified full time teacher.

Shortly after embarking on this journey, he was offered a job as a mechanics tutor at Greensprings Training.

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