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Say ‘Hi’ to Your Dyslexia

Saying ‘Hi’ to Dyslexia and explore how it affects your life.

This is a fun workshop full of games and role plays.

The session starts with Antonio telling everyone a bit about himself and how dyslexic affected his life until he learnt how to get rid of all of the difficulties that dyslexia was causing him.

After this you will take part in a game that will help you to explain what your dyslexia means to you and how it affects your life.

Once you have done this, Antonio will explain his theory about dyslexia to you and tell you how he used it to get rid of all of his dyslexia difficulties.

Then it’s your turn to test out Antonio’s theory by doing a role play that will help you to decide if he’s theory will suit you too.

Antonio will then set you some fun homework for you to do before the next workshop beings. The homework will help you to look at your dyslexia in a way that is really positive and that will make you feel proud to be dyslexic.

Say ‘Bye’ to Your Dyslexia Difficulties

Saying ‘Bye’ to Difficulties by learning how to overcome your dyslexia.

This workshop is full of excitement and challenges.

The session starts with a group role play that describes some of the dyslexia difficulties that the group experiences.

You will help to write the script for this role play so it’s your chance to show off your creative skills or to add a few comical bits to it.

The next thing you will be doing is describe the main dyslexia difficulties you experience and would like to get rid of.

Antonio and the rest of the team will then show you how you can become a ‘self-organised learner’ and find ways to overcome your own dyslexia difficulties.

Then you will be able to do an experiment to see if you can find ways to improve your skills and abilities within an area that has been giving you difficulties, for example, improving your reading and writing skills.

Then Antonio will set you some fun homework to do before the next workshop begins. The homework will help you to try out what you have learnt on start to overcome other dyslexia difficulties.

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