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Overcoming Dyslexia Workshop 2: Creating a super charged ‘Dyslexic Mindset’

Is your current view of dyslexia holding you back from achieving your goals or from excelling in your current career? If yes, then this workshop is for you! It has been specifically designed to help you conceptualise your dyslexia as a phantom condition that has been imposed on you by educational and social forces. We will guide you through the process of re-conceptualised your dyslexia in this liberating way and then assist you to create a super charged ‘Dyslexic Mindset’ that will help you achieve your goals and excel within your career.

Overcoming Dyslexia Workshop 3: Overcoming Your Dyslexia

Difficulties with reading, writing, expressing thought coherently and organisational management are just a few issues that are commonly associated with dyslexia and which can generally limit the potential of dyslexic people. Within this workshop we will assist you to identify and then prioritise the main issues relating to your dyslexia that you wish to overcome. We will then assist you to design and develop your own methods and techniques to overcome these issues which if applied will help you to free yourself completely of dyslexia.

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