Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Dyslexic Brian @ The University of Bristol Freshers’ Fair

Dyslexic Brian went down really well at The University of Bristol Freshers’ Fair.

Two of the co-founders of Dyslexic Brian, Goga and Antonio, spent all day telling students about the services that we offer.

Goga and Antonio were shattered when they got back to the office but they said it had been worth it due to them having met dozens of positive minded dyslexic and non-dyslexic students.

There was a huge interest in November’s dyslexia workshops that are aimed at assisting people to completely overcome their dyslexia.

Also, loads of people signed up for our newsletter – we’ll be sending out the newsletters very soon but first Goga and Antonio are sending out a personalised video email to everyone who signed up for it.

Loads of the students we spoke to said that it would be good for us to start a Bristol University Dyslexic Brian Society – we think this is a great idea and we are now looking into setting this up.

If we become a society we’re planning to run a free discussion group about dyslexia each month at the Uni – these should be good fun and will hopefully be useful to students who want to increase their awareness and understanding of dyslexia.

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